Forshe` Prom Dress Event

  • Froshe`  Prom Dress Event

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Band ambassadors!

We are seeking brand ambassadors for the Forshe` Prom Dress Event.  The host raises awareness about The Forshe’ Prom Dress Event in their local area, harnessing social media and in-person contact to spread awareness about Forshe’s event. 

Compensation $200 in combination with $100 for every dress sold during and After the event you are a part of the affiliate program to continue your earrings. As long as you use your affiliate link to send 

·         Participate in the live trunk show as it happens.

·         Optional (we will pay to use your space)

o   Provide space to host the event
o   Hair salon,  Beauty Bar or any business location visited by women

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1/14/2022 – 1/15/2022

Jacksonville, Florida 1/17/2022 3PM to 8PM

Charlotte, North Carolina 1/20/2022 3PM to 8PM

Washington, DC 1/22/2022 3PM to 8PM

Cleveland, Ohio         1/24/2022 3PM to 8PM

Chicago, Illinois         1/26/2022 3PM to 8PM

Jackson, Mississippi 1/28/2022 3PM to 8PM

New Orleans, Louisiana 1/29/2022 3PM to 8PM

Houston, Texas 1/31/2022 3PM to 8PM

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