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Fleurs noires- S.Merritt Collection Prom Dress



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Step into a world of nocturnal elegance with the Fleurs Noires S. Merritt Collection PromDress. As dark as a moonlit night, this gown unveils a unique blend of noir sophistication and vibrant allure. The black shiny fabric cascades like liquid midnight, cloaking you in an air of mystery and glamour. However, it’s the exquisite orange butterfly embellishments that truly steal the show.
Gracefully fluttering from the chest to the belly region, these enchanting butterflies inject a burst of color and life into the darkness, making a bold statement that’s as unforgettable as it
is beautiful

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Measure the bust/chest over the fullest part, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. You cannot depend upon bra size for a proper bust measurement.

Additional Measurements

ADDITIONAL MEASUREMENTS (Catsuit/Jumpsuits/Leggings etc) This would be needed if you are taller than average, have long legs/arms/torso

TORSO GIRTH: Girth is the vertical measurement of the circumference of your torso. Start by placing a flexible dressmaker’s tape measure at the top of the shoulder, drape it down the front of the body (over the breasts, not between them if you are a woman), go between the legs at the crotch, up the back of the body to the exact same place on the top of the shoulder. 

Sleeves/ Inseam

Forshe Boutique’s arm length measurement is  23 inches. You can add your measurement in the “Add Special Instructions” at checkout. Measure over a shirt with sleeves. Place one end of the tape measure under the arm at the point where the seam is, then place the tape along the inside under arm seam down the inside seam to the point where the customer wants the sleeve to hit the hand.

INSEAM LEG LENGTH: Forshe Boutique’s standard leg length is 32 inches. You can add your measurement in the “Add Special Instructions” at checkout.